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Governments around the world promise to offer good education, health and measurable socio-economic circumstances to their citizens. They go a long way to meet these laudable goals albeit through diverse programmes and strategies. But the fact of the matter is that, many children and young people continue to be disadvantaged as they miss out on many of these programmes due to factors their governments can hardly comprehend. More often than not, many of these children and young people are imbued with talents and potential, which if nurtured, can improve their well-being  and become assets to the wider society. » Read more…

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News snippets

8/10/21   1:09PM

Defeating Malaria - Vaccine breakthrough

At long last, a malaria vaccine is here…

30/9/16   6:28PM

Partnership for progress

30/09/2016 Today, we celebrate the partnership-working arrangement between Children of Potentials International and Centre for Children’s Affairs Malawi (CEAF). This » Read more…

27/1/16   3:56PM

Ghana Update: Over half of pupils can’t read

A recent research conducted across the country in various schools particularly at the lower primary levels indicates that about 51 » Read more…

5/10/15   5:06PM

Under-five malaria fatality rate drops in Ghana

The rate of fatality of malaria cases among Ghanaian children under-five years of age has dropped from 14.4 per cent » Read more…

1/10/15   5:35PM

Students join the fight against malaria

Students of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) have joined forces with the African Media and Malaria Research Network (AMMREN) » Read more…