About Us

Who We Are

Children of Potentials International, operating as Children of Potentials, abbreviated as CoP is a not-for-profit organisation with international  outlook. It is incorporated in England and Wales as a charity for tax purposes.  CoP’s international ambition to reach every child everywhere mean we work independently and collaboratively with other independent organisations with a shared aims, objectives and aspirations.

In Ghana, the organisation operates independently as well as have joint-working with Children of Potentials Charity (CoPC) which is incorporated and recognised as an NGO, regulated by the country’s Department of Social Welfare.

In Malawi, CoP has joint-working programmes with Centre For Childrens Affairs Malawi, an organisation working with children within Chikwawa area and throughout the country to raise  educational outcomes and create awareness about issues affecting the welfare of children.

Mission Statement

Children of Potentials (CoP) believes that children possess enormous potential and abilities which should not be lost to themselves or the wider society due to lack of support and direction in utilizing such inherent traits. In this regard, CoP seeks to identify and support children, especially in poor communities to high levels of attainment in their education, health and socio-economic circumstances .

Our Vision and Belief

We live in a world where some have more than they need, adequate to meet their needs, or little or nothing to meet their needs. We believe that these would continue to be the case for a long time into the future. We also believe that individuals, civil societies and governments have made the efforts to alter the status quo by promoting a balanced and equitable world systems. For example the amount of aid given by rich countries, organisations, as well as individual remittances have lifted millions of families in poor countries out of abject poverty. But this is not sustainable as their benefactors face economic challenges of their own. In recent times, the amounts of aid to developing countries show a marked decline in real terms.

Our vision is to see a society where children in poor communities are empowered to provide for themselves and their families in future instead of being trapped in a culture of reliance on assistance. We believe this can be achieved through their foundation education, and good health provisions. CoP is determined to be part of the process by sensitising and bringing this issue to the forefront of all children issues

Our Aims and Objectives

The organisation aims to reduce poverty and promote social inclusion by addressing some of their root causes. These include the advancement and promotion of education, health and socio-economic circumstances for the public benefit of underprivileged children, underprivileged youth and underprivileged families. The expression of these aims are: non-profit-sharing, local-led, national/ international-based, non-partisan, and non-religious.

In pursuance of these aims, the organisation is established with the following objectives:

  1. to alleviate distress and poverty in in the lives of underprivileged children and families in the UK, Africa and internationally;
  2. to promote education and improve access and outcomes of education for underprivileged and struggling children and young people to reach their full potential;
  3. To provide information, advocacy and mentorship to children, the youth and families at all levels of decision-making that affect their education, health and social-economic circumstances;
  4. To promote health and health outcomes for underprivileged school-going children including supporting efforts to halt and reverse the incidence of malaria (and other childhood diseases) in Africa;
  5. To support and promote the training of teenage and young school-drop-out mothers in entrepreneurial and vocational programmes to enable them generate incomes to play their roles as parents;

What We Do

CoP provides assistance to children and young people’s education and health, as well as the socio-economic well-being of parents/guardian of disadvantaged children. We do this through the provision of financial, material and intellectual support within the limits of our abilities. Our programmes include:

  • Providing tutoring/facilitate the tutoring of pupils and students to improve their education outcomes, for example in SATS and GCSE exams (UK).
  • Providing information, coaching and mentoring to students on education, social and employment matters.
  • Supplement payment of fees for struggling poor students through the provision of small grants.
  • Facilitate complementary education sessions for students to improve education outcomes.
  • Provide school uniforms for struggling poor students to enrich the learning processes.
  • Provide health-related support and equipment to pupils and students to minimize school absence caused by preventable diseases and sicknesses.
  • Provide books, pens, clothing, sports and recreational equipment and materials to enrich the teaching and learning processes.
  • Support in renovating or rebuilding rundown school/structures to enrich the teaching and learning processes.
  • Provide advocacy, information and support to improve the capacity of  children to complete  their education.

We are able to do these through the selflessness and benevolence of our members and the generosity of the public and organisations to make a difference in a child’s life chances. We operate with appropriate institutions and stakeholders, as well as independently in meeting our set objectives.

Our Actions and Intentions

We continue to make considerable inroads to disadvantaged children’s education, health and socio-economic well-being. We provide and look to expand the number of pupils whose education we support and sponsor. We will continue to reach out to renovate school structures, donate equipment and clothing materials, pay for or provide extra classes for children to catch up in their studies, as well as supply mosquito nets to mosquito-prevalent communities that we operate in. We intend to set up cottage industries to promote income-generating avenues for the public benefit of parents of school children. As CoP grows into the future, we intend to look into other areas through which we can promote and support children and youth education in other parts of the developing countries.

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"Of more than 72 million children of primary school age around the world, about half of them in sub-Saharan Africa, remain out of school."

CoP's values

Children of Potentials (CoP) believes that all children are imbued with enormous talents, with potential to excel in academic, sports, and other areas of human endeavours. Invariably, these talents are often suppressed or missed due to circumstances beyond their control. CoP is committed to working with others to improve children and young people’s Education, Health and Socio-economic well-being in poor communities. We recognise the importance of fair and equitable society where no child is disadvantaged -no matter where one lives. We work in partnership with relevant stakeholder to support children and young people achieve their full potential. With your involvement, CoP hopes to combat the social, economic and political disadvantages many children and young people face. Help in shaping their future!