Telemetric Test Centres

In London, Children of Potentials (CoP) continues to make strides in our homework tuition networks to support pupils and students improve on their educational outcomes. In collaboration with our partners, CoP is also providing training to parents and guardians to enable them support their wards’ education beyond the classroom. 

In this regard, this organisation provides information and signposts parents for sourcing appropriate courses in literacy and numeracy. We also provide IT courses and skills to more adventurous adults to improve their chances of getting employment. Our increasing setup of ultra-modern IT suites provides ideal template for the sitting of professional examinations. And, due to popular demands, we are far advance in becoming a recognised testing centre for a variety of the courses we and our partners provide.

Our accreditation team is exploring the possibility of securing centre accreditation for a range of academic and professional examinations with the view to a positive a positive test experience. We are particularly interested in fostering relationships with the following examination board giants:

Book your next test from your examination board portals and make our Barking suite your preferred testing centre. Contact us on 0208 133 6996 for more details about our other/upcoming testing centres.

Barking (Essex) Testing Suite
Our Barking suite meets both academic and professional examination standards. Read more …

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