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Most of the parents and guardians of our beneficiary children are financially disadvantaged. They continue to live in the margins of life; and this affects their children’s education and health tremendously. Governments’ poverty alleviation strategies have often made only minimal impact on the lives of families. Any additional help at alleviating their hardship are therefore considered laudable.

CoP has taken the lead in providing support to parents whose conditions are dire – and the list cannot be long enough. Majority of parents in the communities that we operate are mostly  women who make living through farming, petty trading, or some other income generating activities.

Our short and long term projects are designed to alleviate poverty and help struggling parents, majority of whom are at the margins of society, to play their roles as responsible parents. These include:

  • Facilitating income-generating activities
  • Facilitate/sponsor vocational/IT training for young parents, especially teen-age mothers – leading to employment

It is heartening to know that there are individuals, groups and organisations that are willing to help. If you wish to support these efforts, why not join our invaluable membership list and make a difference in a child life? You can help by donating cash, materials and/or equipment to support our objectives. We value your support immensely.